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Final arrangements for yourself or a loved one involve some of the most personal choices you will make in a lifetime. When considering cremation it’s important to know and understand all the options available to you.

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One of the most important and irreversible decisions you will be making is where and how the cremation will take place. Beck Funeral Home & Cremation Service Inc. has been dedicated to serving local families by providing the highest quality cremation service. As a leader in our industry, our policies and procedures are designed to give complete peace of mind to families who choose cremation. And whether it’s for peace of mind, or in order to help achieve a better sense of closure, many people not only want to see where the cremation will take place, but also take part in some form of final tribute or ceremony at the crematory.

Our crematory was built in 2014, the cremation unit is state of the art and our staff is CANA certified. The facility also has state of the art refrigeration so that we can hold you loved one properly and allow your family time to make cremation decisions without feeling rushed or stressed. We also have a chapel that can seat over 25 guests. This chapel was designed so that we can accommodate your family’s need to say your final goodbyes in an intimate setting. We also offer our chapel for families who wish to be present when the cremation begins or even during the entire cremation process. You are welcome and encouraged to inspect our operation at any time, and educate yourself as to what we do here, so you can compare us to other crematories and appreciate the differences. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve a secure feeling of satisfaction and validation regarding your selection of cremation. Please call us about visiting our facility.

There's an unfortunate truth regarding many of the (seemingly) low-cost providers in burial and cremation service. They advertise such absurdly low prices for two highly concerning reasons:

  • The prices you see advertised are rarely anywhere close to the price you will pay. They do not include a variety of hidden fees—often for essential services—that you don't learn about until you've already contracted with them.
  • To cut costs, they also cut corners, dispensing with important practices that traditionally are included with proper funeral care. Specifically, they:
    • Outsource cremation service to a third party—often a warehouse or a similar industrial area
    • Outsource refrigeration to a third party
    • Fail to provide sufficient staff for the removal of a loved one from a home or other place following the loved one's passing

At Beck Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we do everything the right way: We provide onsite cremation and refrigeration, and we always ensure that the proper number of caring staff members are deployed for thoughtful, respectful removal.

Onsite cremation is important because your loved one is always in our care. We can ensure everything is handled properly throughout the process.

Onsite refrigeration is important for similar reasons. Some other providers can't even provide you access for visitation, because your loved one simply isn't there.

Finally, it's important to devote sufficient staff for removal to ensure that process is accomplished with care and reverence. One person can't always handle the process alone in a dignified way.

At Beck Funeral Home & Cremation Service, we consider these to be essential aspects of caring funeral service. They shouldn't be treated as luxuries. It's the only proper way to serve families in our area, and that's why we're proud to always do things the right way for your loved one and your family.




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Beck Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Inc.
175 N. Main St.
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Beck Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Inc.
3670 E Market St.
York, PA 17402
Phone: (717) 714-6033

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Beck Crematory
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