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Established in 1887, Beck Funeral Home and Cremation Service, Inc. is one of the oldest family-owned, independently operated funeral homes in York County.We are honored to serve all area residents regardless of race, religion, creed, or socioeconomic status. Services may include traditional funerals with viewing, visitation, cremation, memorial service, graveside service, prearranged services, and follow-up care.


With Beck, you'll never experience unexpected hidden fees. You'll feel secure in knowing your loved one is always in our care. You'll know your loved one will be treated with respect and dignity every step of the way. Please visit us to discuss or reach us through our contact form.


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A death in the family can be a painful experience. Since most people do not encounter it every day, they often call on us for help about what they should do next. It is our privilege to help families and individuals in such distress, and we aim to provide high-quality funeral and cremation care in York, PA to all who request our help. If your family has lost someone close to you in death, you can call on us for guidance day or night. There is never any obligation or cost to speak to us about your needs or ask questions.


Many times, our conversations with individuals who call on us are centered around the next steps, service options, planning support, and cost. These are all legitimate questions that are important to address. We do our best to answer these questions. If our services are a good fit for the family and the deceased individual, we will invite you to visit our funeral home offices for an arrangement conference. In this meeting, we work with you to plan out the funeral or memorial service that is wanted. Your thoughts and opinions are invaluable to the planning process, and we listen carefully and compassionately as you choose the options that will meet your needs.


There is no single right way to plan a funeral. It comes down to what you and your family want. If the deceased left any prearrangement instructions, then those details can be reviewed and incorporated into the funeral service plan. Other influential points to consider when planning a funeral or cremation in York, PA includes cultural or religious traditions that may be important for the family to observe. The desired location of the funeral service and burial, or cremation and interment of ashes, is also important to consider. Any financial constraints are also helpful to review. There are several other key points to discuss during the advanced funeral planning meeting.



Choices: Earth Burial or Cremation?

During the planning conference, we’ll discuss whether your family prefers an earth burial of your loved one’s body or cremation services at our on-site crematory. There are advantages to consider either way. It is simply a matter of choice.


Earth burials are a timeless practice, usually included with traditional funeral services. The body of your loved one is respectfully cared for by our mortuary professionals. The body is cleaned, embalmed, dressed, and groomed for calling hours, often called a viewing. During the viewing, family and friends can gather to pay their last respects and show their love and support to each other in their loss. Next comes the funeral service itself, where mourners gather to remember the life of the fallen in a formal gathering. Life experiences are often shared, as well as readings and meaningful stories about the deceased. After the funeral, there may be a graveside committal of the body into the earth. The final resting place allows family and friends to return again to the grave location to visit their loved one whenever they wish.


Cremations are also a wonderful way to care for the mortal remains of a loved one. If there is no funeral or viewing service, the body does not need to be embalmed. However, a memorial service can be held to remember and honor the life of your loved one. This meeting is much like a funeral, except that the body is not present at the service. Those families who wish to minimize the cost of funeral care are often drawn to cremation care. It is much cheaper than a traditional funeral with earth burial. There is no need to purchase an expensive casket and vault, as well as a burial plot on the cemetery grounds. Environmentally minded families appreciate cremation care because it allows them to avoid putting chemicals and metals into the earth.



Personalization Planning

When friends and family gather together for a funeral or memorial service, it is because of the relationship they shared with the individual in life. For this reason, the chosen service must be personalized around the life and character of the deceased. No one attends a funeral for the ceremony itself. Rituals, traditions, and cultural customs all have their place, but they are not why someone chooses to attend. As part of our planning support, our funeral team will work side-by-side with you to create a personal and connecting funeral experience for all who knew the deceased in life.



Highly Rated Funeral and Cremation Provider in York, PA

Beck Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Inc. takes our responsibility to the community seriously. We believe in the significance of every life, and seek to compassionately support families and their friends when a loved one passes. When you work with us for funeral and cremation support in York, PA, you’ ll be working with a family-owned service firm that cares. Visit us today at 3670 E Market St York, PA 17402, or call anytime at (717) 714-6033 for a friendly conversation about your needs.


Funeral & Cremation FAQs

What is a green burial?

    • A green burial, sometimes referred to as a natural burial, is a kind of burial that seeks to have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Learn more.

Tips on dividing possessions?

    • Get appraisals
    • Think before you donate
    • Take turns
    • Compromise 
    • Use stickers
    • Make copies
    • Don’t leave anyone out
    • Learn more

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