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How to Locate a Quality Funeral and Cremation Provider in Dallastown, PA


In the hours after a family death occurs, emotions can be heavy with sadness and heartache. The loss of someone important can be a challenging part of life. As your thoughts turn to funeral and cremation care in Dallastown, PA, how do you know who you can trust to meet your family’s needs? Who can help you to lay your loved one to rest?


At Beck Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Inc., our team of funeral care professionals is some of the most qualified and experienced providers in York County. Our funeral home has been serving the families of our community since 1887 and includes a full crematory and private chapel for those who need a place to gather in memory of their fallen loved ones. We believe in the importance of honoring the dead while caring for the needs of the living.


As you begin your search for a quality funeral care provider, consider these important details:


  • Services: Funeral homes offer a variety of service offerings to the communities they serve. Full-service funeral care is common, although not every firm can offer every service to its customers. Some funeral homes are not able to host a funeral onsite because they don’t have a chapel space. Others are not able to provide cremation services to their patrons on location. In these situations, they often will arrange for services to be provided by a third-party provider. If your family prefers on-site crematory services, be sure to ask about it.

  • Prices: The law requires all funeral service firms to publish a public price sheet of all their services and goods. Prices are often competitive but can vary based on the specialty and experience of the funeral home provider. You should request to review pricing to make sure it meets your family’s budget constraints and that the services you seek can be accommodated at a reasonable price.

  • Experience: Funeral directors and their staff are well trained in their mortuary practice and caregiving, but like all businesses, they will have more experience in some areas than others. If your family is looking for a particular type of funeral or cremation in Dallastown, PA, be sure to inquire whether a particular funeral team has the experience to conduct it.

  • Expertise: Funeral care professionals try to focus their care efforts on the needs of the communities they serve. This includes cultural and religious death care practices and commonly held customs and traditions in a community. But that doesn’t mean they are experts at every type of service that a family might need. If your family has a more unique funeral need for the area, be sure to ask whether a funeral care provider can provide you the care you’re looking for.

  • Venue and Facilities: If possible, it’s wise to tour the funeral home itself. You want to ensure that the venue will meet the needs of your deceased loved one’s family and friends. Additionally, check to be sure that they can provide high-quality care of the mortal remains of the fallen. If you plan to use the funeral home as a place of gathering, make sure the home is adequately sized for the group you anticipate to attend. Is there enough seating in the chapel? Is the funeral home clean, well-lit, and comfortable? If needed, is there a banquet area? Does the home provide needed technology and media service? Do you feel that the venue reflects the funeral or memorial service you plan to carry out?

  • Products: Most funeral homes carry a wide assortment of funeral goods and services for sale. This may include caskets, cremation urns, vaults, flowers, grave markers, headstones, advance funeral planning, remembrance jewelry, etc. Ask yourself, do you like any of the items they are offering? You can choose whether or not you wish to purchase these items in support of the funeral service you need, but it is always optional. If preferred, you can buy goods elsewhere and bring them to the funeral home for use in the funeral care services they provide.

  • Personalization: Funeral services should be centered on the life story of the individual that has passed. Without these details, a funeral service can feel empty and hollow. Families and friends of the fallen often feel much more connected to a service that is filled with memory and meaning of their loved one. Ask the funeral director how they go about personalizing a funeral or memorial service.


Quality Funeral and Cremation Service in Dallastown, PA


Once you have evaluated a few possible funeral care providers in the area and have decided on the one that will work best for your family, call, and let them know as soon as possible. At Beck Funeral Home & Cremation Service, Inc., we understand the heavy burden that funeral and cremation planning in Dallastown, PA can be for a family. That’s why we’ re here to help. Visit us at 3670 E Market St York, PA 17402 to discuss how we can help. You can call us day or night at (717) 714-6033 for support.



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